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115 Post author: Yvain 27 October 2009 12:45AM

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Comment author: Jonathan_Graehl 27 October 2009 06:57:23AM *  9 points [-]

That's an interesting effect, but satiety isn't permanent. Indulging an appetite may increase it over a longer time scale (e.g. food and sex). I hope to see similar experiments that cover a significant time (at least a week).

Consciously try not to count anything [you] do as charitable or morally relevant except actually donating money to organizations.

This can be as wrong as what you're trying to counteract. The ideal is to credit work you do, and dollars you donate, only on the actual effect.

Voting Republican

"Republican" here must just stand for "your favored party", if what's important is the feeling of doing the virtuous thing (some mercenary votes are excused, e.g. choosing a president from your home state so it will get more pork).