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24 Post author: Wei_Dai 11 December 2009 12:25AM

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Comment author: Nick_Tarleton 13 December 2009 04:46:01AM 2 points [-]

Theoretically, it's not infinite because of the granularity of time/space, speed of light, and so on.

(Nitpick: Spacetime isn't quantized AFAIK in standard physics, and then there are still continuous quantum amplitudes.)

This, I think, is what Wei meant when he said we couldn't just give equal weights to all possible universes - the ones where the coin lands on heads and the ones where it lands on tails. But I think "universes where the coin lands on heads" and "universes where the coin lands on tails" are unnatural categories.

I thought Wei was talking about single worlds (whatever those may be), not sets of worlds. Applied to sets of worlds, this seems correct.