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109 Post author: Yvain 01 January 2010 04:41PM

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Comment author: Randaly 21 January 2012 04:55:08AM *  0 points [-]

Using timeless decision theory, you can justify voting (even without causing a bunch of people to go along with you) on the grounds that, if you would make this decision, the like-minded would reason the same way.

Given that probably only ~2,000 people know of TDT at all, only ~500 would think of it in this context, these people aren't geographically concentrated, these people aren't overwhelming concentrated in any one political party, at least some of the people considering TDT don't believe that it is a strong argument in favor of voting (example: me), and the harms from voting scale up linearly with the number of people voting, it's exceedingly unlikely that TDT serves a significant justification for voting. (As a bit of context: in 2000, Bush won Florida by over 500 votes.)