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59 Post author: Marcello 09 March 2009 07:18PM

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Comment author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 09 March 2009 09:58:06PM 18 points [-]

If the main Less Wrong codebase offered an option to hide the names of contributors and non-negative karma point totals (because negatives you may want to let your eyes just skip over), not revealing them until voted on (including a neutral vote)...

...then what would you think of only giving half a karma point for any votes made without obscuring the name and current total? (Likewise any votes changed after the reveal.) Fair? Or just annoying?

Comment author: thomblake 09 March 2009 10:42:03PM 4 points [-]

Just annoying.

Though I frequently change my votes as I reflect on them, so even reading anonymously I'd probably end up with all devalued votes. And this process of reflection would eliminate any debiasing effect of reading anonymously.

Of course, I put a lot of stock in character, so I don't see the problem with occasionally voting up comments by better people.

Comment author: srcs 09 August 2017 09:35:20AM 0 points [-]

"better" as defined by you, of course.