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75 Post author: blogospheroid 13 March 2010 08:19AM

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Comment author: vinayak 14 March 2010 03:54:22AM 13 points [-]

The fact that students who are motivated to get good scores in exams very often get better scores than students who are genuinely interested in the subject is probably also an application of Goodhart's Law?

Comment author: Stuart_Armstrong 14 March 2010 12:39:04PM 12 points [-]

Partially; but a lot of what is being tested is actually skills correlated with being good in exams - working hard, memorisation, bending youself to the rules, ability to learn skill sets even if you don't love them, gaming the system - rather than interest in the subject.

Comment author: MichaelVassar 14 March 2010 07:24:07PM 11 points [-]

But those skills don't correlate with doing good science, or with good use of the subject of the exams in general, nearly so well, and they are easy to test in other ways.