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60 Post author: Alicorn 17 March 2010 01:17AM

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Comment author: JulianMorrison 17 March 2010 04:34:33PM 4 points [-]

Quick definition request: what's an alief? Google shrugs at it.

Comment author: RobinZ 17 March 2010 04:38:13PM 16 points [-]

An alief is an independent source of emotional reaction which can coexist with a contradictory belief. For example, the fear felt when a monster jumps out of the darkness in a scary movie is based on the alief that the monster is about to attack you, even though you believe that it cannot.

Searching for alief and belief together brought up this relevant PDF.

Comment author: JulianMorrison 17 March 2010 07:43:56PM 2 points [-]

Thanks - just learning that concept has actually appreciably increased my (self) understanding.

Comment author: Jack 17 March 2010 07:54:21PM 15 points [-]

In case it isn't obvious to people: The name is a pun. If there are "b"-liefs there must be "a"-liefs. One way to think about an alief is as a kind of proto-belief.

Comment author: Will_Newsome 09 April 2010 12:39:01PM 4 points [-]

Another one that I think has yet to escape Benton house is 'cesire', along the same lines.

Comment author: RobinZ 09 April 2010 12:49:22PM 0 points [-]

All I'm finding on the Internets is Aimé Césaire - elaboration?

Comment author: tut 09 April 2010 01:02:56PM 2 points [-]

I would assume that cesire is a modified version of desire, possibly a tendency to act to further a certain cause even if you desire something else.

Comment author: RobinZ 09 April 2010 02:28:44PM 1 point [-]

So would I; I would still like an elaboration.

Comment author: steven0461 15 July 2010 06:01:35PM *  2 points [-]

It's from p642 of the pdf you linked.

Comment author: RobinZ 19 July 2010 03:50:34PM *  1 point [-]

Thanks! It took me a while to sort of get a handle on the idea - I still didn't get it when I posted the above comic.

Edit: The above comment. Geez, sleep-deprived much?