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60 Post author: Alicorn 17 March 2010 01:17AM

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Comment author: hesperidia 19 April 2012 09:30:41PM *  3 points [-]

At the time that I encountered rationalist fiction, I thought it was interesting but not especially relevant.

Then I skimmed through the Sequences briefly and realized that I was already working out a concept extremely similar to this one, under a different name but with the same methods and goals. This convinced me that at least some people in this subculture probably knew what they are talking about.

Encountering a more developed concept of luminosity that looked like my previous concepts of "radical self-knowledge" also gives me a good place to link to when explaining the concept to the uninitiated and better keywords to search with when looking for books and articles. (It's called heuristics and biases, not structural brain quirks...)

I have used similar techniques independently discovered to increase happiness*. I also frequently draw comment for being unusually self-aware.

Alicorn, thank you for writing this sequence. I like not feeling like the lone dissenter, however effective the methods actually are.

-* There was previously another statement here that it turns out was extremely premature. 6-10-12

Comment author: Alicorn 19 April 2012 11:16:06PM 0 points [-]

You're welcome :)