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23 Post author: Wei_Dai 19 March 2010 10:21PM

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Comment author: taw 20 March 2010 01:39:28AM 5 points [-]

Time spent thinking about something correlates far too much with how much a person likes an idea. People who believe strongly in the Holy Trinity have spent far more time on average thinking about it than people who don't.

So, you will end up very strongly biased if you follow own advice (but then I haven't thought about it much at all).

Comment author: h-H 20 March 2010 07:21:56PM *  1 point [-]

actually I think the majority probably spend too little time thinking about the Holy Trinity to be actually capable of believing in it, rather spending more on reasons why it makes sense etc.

I mean isn't the type of thinking Wei Die urging is a bit different than thinking about the trinity?

Comment author: taw 21 March 2010 05:50:21AM 0 points [-]

The post seemed to have been asking to simply report time spent thinking about something, as it's easy to measure. Or did I not think enough about it?

Comment author: idlewire 24 March 2010 04:25:50PM *  0 points [-]

This kind of brings up the quality of thought that is spent on a subject. Someone with a strong ability to be self-criticizing can more effectively find flaws and come to better conclusions quicker. Those who contemplate on ideas with wrong, but unshakeable (or invisible rather) assumptions, will stew in poor circles until death. The idea of a comforting or powerful diety, unfortunately, sticks so hard when indoctrinated early and consistently.

Comment author: simplicio 20 March 2010 04:12:10AM *  0 points [-]

At the edge of Clangford's garden, he built a lovely cell

Where he contemplated Limbo, then Purgatory and Hell.

With the barbed wire in his underpants he found it hard to sleep.

All he had for company was jockey boys and sheep.

(I was, rather serendipitously, listening to that song ("God Woman" by Christy Moore) as I read your comment.)