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153 [deleted] 12 April 2010 05:06PM

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Comment author: byrnema 17 April 2010 06:15:32PM *  18 points [-]

I observed an ugh field today: making sandwiches.

Around lunch time, I announced I was going out to pick up some lunch.

'Why don't you just make a sandwich?'

I thought about touching slices of deli meat (are they fresh enough? how would I know?) and placing them on the bread (how many slices? how to arrange them?), a quick flurry of negative associations all jostled together, and the definite outcome of the decision was, "No, I'll just go pick something up."

"How about if I make the sandwiches?".

A roast beef sandwich toasted in the oven with melted cheese? Delicious! "Yes, please."

"You are so lazy!"

Lazy? I was willing to get in the car and drive somewhere and pick up food. Certainly making sandwiches would be less effort. But for whatever reasons, I've conditioned myself through rather irrational negative associations to avoid even thinking about making them.