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153 [deleted] 12 April 2010 05:06PM

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Comment author: eugman 19 April 2010 11:00:21AM *  1 point [-]

Yes and no. I still have to actively apply them, or some of the more general concepts, in order to keep the old feelings at bay. It literally feels as if there are two modes of thought available to me now and the old one caused my problems. However, I can't think of a specific way to test them.

Also, I'm aware that my relationship has produced much of the change. Much of my depression was caused by low self-esteem and using grades as a metric of personal value. However, it had felt as if there has been a plateau. I was feeling a lot better, and more motivated to fight my feelings of depression but it wasn't working.

The problem was that I was attacking the symptoms directly. If I had irrational thoughts, I would try to counter them directly, instead of the cause. That's why I said that these articles acted as catalysts. They were not sufficient, but they were necessary.