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12 Post author: wedrifid 23 June 2010 05:48AM

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Comment author: Kevin 23 June 2010 02:27:18PM 3 points [-]

If I recall correctly (and have not got you confused with someone else) you earn money on the side selling pharmacologically active herbs online.

That's me! The main one I sell is kratom. It's a surprisingly complicated plant; I should probably write a Less Wrong post about it's optimal use, similar to Justin Shovelain's post on caffeine. In short, it's a more effective painkiller than codeine, especially when mixed with ibuprofen. Ibuprofen on its own is as strong of a painkiller as codeine, just without an euphoric side effects. A narcotic painkiller + a non-narcotic painkiller together are much more effective for pain, which is why pharmaceutical narcotics (vicodin, percocet, even codeine, etc.) are most commonly prescribed as such.

Kratom in small dosages is also a stimulant and is a reasonable productivity enhancer. It has been described as similar to coca tea without the side effect of increasing your heart rate.

Comment author: realitygrill 25 July 2010 09:07:29PM 1 point [-]

I'd appreciate this. I've got a family member on a lot of pain meds.