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42 Post author: orthonormal 12 August 2010 01:08AM

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Comment author: [deleted] 09 September 2011 09:03:22PM 7 points [-]

Hello everyone, I'm a 24-year-old graduate student from Italy. I found this site after reading someone quoting Yudkowsky: "Quantum physics is not "weird". You are weird." I've been reading this blog the whole past few days. :-)

Comment author: Oscar_Cunningham 09 September 2011 11:14:35PM 0 points [-]


Comment author: komponisto 09 September 2011 10:06:08PM 0 points [-]

Benvenuto. :-)

Comment author: ciphergoth 09 September 2011 10:05:32PM 0 points [-]

That is delightful, welcome! Did you have a look at the quantum physics sequence?

Comment author: [deleted] 10 September 2011 12:23:48AM 0 points [-]

I've read a few of the posts in it, and I'm going to read the rest in the next few days.