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42 Post author: orthonormal 12 August 2010 01:08AM

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Comment author: Willami 24 September 2011 01:29:51PM 4 points [-]

Hi everyone, my name is Wil, I live in the UK, I love Sci-Fi and how it inspires people to think differently or ahead of their time, and am a member of the working class but spend a lot of time on benefits, due to the effects of being rather strongly bipolar, having a very faulty short-term memory, and having intermittent extremes of varying states of mind that at times leads to sleeplessness and agoraphobia, which then gives me LOTS of time to think with very little else to do but read up online about the things that I've found myself thinking about, which is what led me here, so I'm a big fan of the internet as, at times, it's all I have to still feel connected to the outside world and attempt to add to it in any useful way.

I'm not that well educated or read and I'm currently in a manic state where I have a sort of 'everything is possible' interpretation of the world, and I've been getting some crazy ideas about quantum theory, and it's possible relationship to different theories of morphic resonance, and therein if it's possible that the two could be argued to be associated in scientific terms as we currently understand them, such as through quantum entanglement, and whether various religious beliefs could also find a basis therein, etc, and have been struggling to find anyone IRL who will talk to me anymore, especially when they're trying to watch X Factor, so thought I'd look about online for some possible discussion mates.

I can at times feel very slow and stupid and at other times feel very intelligent and clever, but I am aware I can also be completely deluded about my current reality and my abilities therein, but as is often said, insanity and genius can be a slim divide, so I thought there would be no harm in, when I feel I'm making more sense than not, just trying a few ideas out online with some intellectual types and seeing if anything I think might actually work for others, and not just me!

I tend to just leap in feet first but I am perfectly happy to be shot down for some faulty reasoning, as I've been made perfectly aware through-out my life that that's what creation gave me to work with, and besides, being proven wrong still makes me learn something, but sometimes I also feel I have an idea that has some merit if I just had some more knowledgable people about me to flesh out the details a bit better and fill in the gaps in my knowledge, and I go through stages of having a sort of 'inherent sense of philosophical realism' enabled where I just FEEL if something is right or wrong, then come out with a fully-formed theory as to why, that seems to appear from no where, and then find myself trying to work out WHY, which is a very odd way of working I know, but it's how my mind is sometimes, and I guess if I never have a go at trying to explain it to myself and others, then I'll never know if I might have something I can actually work with during these mad manic times.

Anyway I'm going to try and resist starting any threads for a while yet, even when I can, I'm just going to read a lot (which I have before joining today anyway) and try a few comments on threads I feel I can hopefully manage a reasonable attempt at providing some understanding of, or perhaps lay out some other interesting associated question that I'd like to lead the thread onto, and in effect, dip a toe in and see where it gets me.

Still currently trying to understand quite how the site works, every site always seems to have it's own unwritten rules too, so apologies if I'm running before walking or treading on any toes, but that's how I tend to understand everything, I try it and learn from my mistakes, and I'm afraid there will be days when I just won't make any sense at all, for which I can only apologise, but hopefully people will make it clear without being too cruel that I should just shut up and try again another day!

Be kind!

Comment author: Oscar_Cunningham 24 September 2011 05:48:27PM 0 points [-]