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42 Post author: orthonormal 12 August 2010 01:08AM

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Comment author: DoubleReed 23 October 2011 10:14:58PM 7 points [-]

Hello everyone!

I am a unwitting victim of HP: MoR, and of course it led me here. I'm still reading up on the sequences, which have plenty of intriguing content. My background is in Mathematics (specifically cryptography, not much probability theory) and Music (specifically bassoon and composition). Right now I work for the US government. I grew up as a secular Jew, so I didn't really have that much of a crisis of faith or anything. I must say I found Eliezer's description of Modern Judaism ("you are expected to doubt but not successfully doubt") as surprisingly accurate and amusing.

Though, after reading through things, I don't really think I can call myself a rationalist quite yet. I need more practice, honestly. Maybe I just need to successfully update :D

Perhaps I just need to look around more, but hopefully I can contribute to the more artistic ideas of the site. Reading through what is on the site, it makes me wonder how to apply rationalist methodology to the arts.

Comment author: komponisto 23 October 2011 10:49:20PM 1 point [-]

A most sincere welcome, from someone of a very similar background!

(And you've walked right in to a discussion you're likely to find interesting...)

Comment author: DoubleReed 24 October 2011 12:08:13AM 0 points [-]

Cool thanks! I'll check it out.

Comment author: mindspillage 01 November 2011 03:54:08PM 0 points [-]

Hey, another bassoonist! (Saw your name in another thread, and had to see if you mentioned which double reed.) I've also got a math background (number theory and logic), though I've mostly abandoned it for law. Welcome to LW.