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148 Post author: Yvain 13 September 2010 09:36PM

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Comment author: AlexanderRM 25 March 2015 04:51:51AM 1 point [-]

Could anyone elaborate on this? All the ones listed in the article seem fairly obvious or well-explained, but nothing jumps out to me on this one. I think the problem is that I don't see what positions these are occupying or signaling: The clothing stuff is about wealth, while all the political ones are about intelligence (apparent intelligence, specifically). My assumption is that the first is someone who has very little money and the last is someone who has a lot, but then I'm not sure where the middle one would be.

That and perhaps that Yvain didn't list any distinguishing features between the first and last ones. I'm noticing now that all the counter-signaling ones tend to be slightly different- I'm sure the Old Rich didn't wear the exact same things as the poor, but rather nicer but less showy clothes. All the political examples have the third-stage ones usually acknowledging the existence of and problems with the lowest stage, often with significant differences. Likewise Hipsters have a lot of distinctly hipster traits that don't make them look like any particular non-mainstream group, although my knowledge of Hipsters comes almost entirely from jokes about Hipsters rather than having seen the phenomenon much.