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148 Post author: Yvain 13 September 2010 09:36PM

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Comment author: gwern 23 June 2017 03:22:21PM 3 points [-]

Computer chess: 'AIs will never master tasks like chess because they lack a soul / the creative spark / understanding of analogies' (laymen, Hofstadter etc); 'AIs don't need any of that to master tasks like chess but computing power and well-tuned search' (most AI researchers); 'but a human-computer combination will always be the best at task X because the human is more flexible and better at mega-cognition!' (Kasparov, Tyler Cowen).

Comment author: Vaniver 01 July 2017 01:15:49AM 0 points [-]

3 has been empirically disproven at this point, I believe?

Comment author: arundelo 04 July 2017 01:12:34AM 1 point [-]

gwern on "centaurs" (humans playing chess with computer assistance):

Even by 2007, it was hard for anyone to improve, and after 2013 or so, the very best centaurs were reduced to basically just opening book preparation (itself an extremely difficult skill involving compiling millions of games and carefully tuning against the weakness of possible opponent engines), to the point where official matches have mostly stopped (making it hard to identify the exact point at which centaur ceased to be a thing at all).