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3 Post author: gjm 07 October 2010 09:12PM

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Comment author: Snowyowl 07 October 2010 10:46:47PM *  0 points [-]

So many questions... For one, Quirrel is pretty good at magic - did he figure out a way past the Interdict of Merlin, or is he just that good? And does he still have You-Know-Who in the back of his head in this continuity?

Comment author: knb 08 October 2010 12:18:43AM *  1 point [-]

What was the Interdict of Merlin again? I googled but none of the links were defining, just referencing.

If Vold. is in his head, it isn't visible, Quirrel no longer wears the turban he used to hide it in canon.

Comment author: Matt_Stevenson 08 October 2010 04:58:11AM 4 points [-]

From Ch. 23

There's something called the Interdict of Merlin which stops anyone from getting knowledge of powerful spells out of books, even if you find and read a powerful wizard's notes they won't make sense to you, it has to go from one living mind to another

Comment author: wedrifid 08 October 2010 12:20:54AM 1 point [-]

Ahh, was that what Harrizer called his plan to stop the misuse of magic or knowledge in general by limiting it to people who can discover it for themselves?

If so I was actually trying to do the reverse lookup a week or so ago.

Comment author: knb 08 October 2010 12:27:17AM 2 points [-]

OK, I think that is it. H.P. thinks its why witches are no longer as powerful as they used to be. The idea was to prevent dangerous fools from having powerful magic, but it also means a lot of ancient magic was lost as some spells were never orally transferred, and there was no written copy to be discovered later.

Comment author: blogospheroid 11 October 2010 04:33:39AM 1 point [-]

It was the ancient magical equivalent to an existential risk prevention mechanism.

Comment author: cwillu 08 October 2010 02:05:01AM 1 point [-]

And note the hat's commentary on the matter.