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130 Post author: Yvain 24 December 2010 09:26PM

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Comment author: shokwave 26 December 2010 03:05:53PM 7 points [-]

I consider DALY - disability-adjusted life years - better than quality-adjusted.

Basically, I am leery of letting people choose their own factors when given a range of 1 being perfect life and 0 being death. For instance, a charity that cures blindness in impoverished sections of Africa, with a pro-this-charity treatment might choose 0.1 as blind, 0.9 as cured (blindness is hugely disadvantageous, giving back sight is therefore a huge improvement); an anti-this-charity treatment might choose 0.1 as blind and 0.3 as cured (the rest of their life still sucks). This means a QALY-based look at the charity could over- or under-estimate by as much as a factor of 4! Comparisons of charities based on QALYs that are gamed could, possibly, be only viable on order-of-magnitudes.

Comment author: DanielLC 08 November 2013 07:33:29AM 0 points [-]

Is there a standard for DALYs?

I'm told that there's some kind of difference, but I still think of them as the same unit.