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167 Post author: lukeprog 16 January 2011 08:30AM

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Comment author: fr00t 15 February 2011 11:38:22PM *  2 points [-]

I would like to request a recommendation for a text that provides a comprehensive introduction to Lisp, preferably one with high readability.

Comment author: Barry_Cotter 21 February 2011 08:48:52AM 1 point [-]

Structure and Implementation of Computer Programs

How to design Programs

The Little Schemer

HTDP teaches Scheme, SICP teaches computer science concepts using Scheme.

Comment author: diegocaleiro 18 February 2011 10:11:26PM 0 points [-]

I would like a general introduction to Programming.

Computational Neuroscience would also be great..... though the field is kind of new....

Comment author: kjmiller 08 October 2011 03:24:35PM 0 points [-]

Theoretical Neuroscience by Dayan and Abbot is a fantastic introduction to comp neuro, from single-neuron models like Hodgkin-Huxley through integrate-and-fire and connectionist (including Hopfield) nets up to things like perceptrons, reinforcement learning models. Requires some comfort with Calculus.
Computational Exploration in Cog Neuro by Randall O'Reilly purports to cover the similar material on a slightly more basic level, including lots of programming exercises. I've only skimmed it, but it looks pretty good. Kind of old, though, supposedly Randy's working on a new edition that should be out soon.