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10 Post author: Alicorn 30 December 2010 02:37PM

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Comment author: Alassieth 28 January 2011 11:51:18PM 1 point [-]

DARN YOU!! Having just finished reading Luminosity I have now dissolved into a snivelling pile of salt water and mucus that you would probably be loath to poke with a stick. Definitely more crying when heard about Alice than Edward but then she's infinitely more likeable that he is...was...sniff

Comment author: [deleted] 29 January 2011 04:48:27PM 1 point [-]

You should start reading the sequel right away; I think you'll be pleased with it.

Comment author: Alassieth 06 February 2011 11:06:49PM 0 points [-]


Back again having finally caught up with the sequel. Everything seems to be getting pretty serious...

This was going to be a longer post but I lost track of where it was going, although it was basically:

Yay! Not what we thought! Poor Bella, not knowing. Oh wait! She did know!! Moar plz!!!

(Multiple exclamation marks, the sure sign of a diseased mind)