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10 Post author: Alicorn 30 December 2010 02:37PM

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Comment author: AlexMennen 26 February 2011 05:44:15PM 2 points [-]

from chapter 48:

I'm prepared to consider you sufficiently self-controlled even on a human blood diet that I'll give you dispensation to get it in a less sentient package. Ransack whatever the Irish equivalent of the Red Cross is, if you decide that you'd prefer to go on living in Ireland after all regardless of where I set up. But I think it was fairly predictable that I wouldn't be allowing murder.

Doesn't the amount of blood in a human body in a blood bank go towards saving much more than one person, in which case stealing from a blood bank is killing more people than stealing the same amount of blood directly out of a human?

Comment author: Alicorn 26 February 2011 06:00:59PM *  4 points [-]

Actually, vampires could probably subsist on blood that was about to be chucked for being too close to its expiry date, so not necessarily.

Comment author: Sheaman3773 03 March 2011 02:29:35AM 0 points [-]

Though, I seem to recall Edward saying that older blood tasted worse. If I'm remembering correctly, Siobhan would probably not chose nearly expired blood, unless that was explicitly stipulated.