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156 Post author: lukeprog 05 February 2011 06:49PM

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Comment author: [deleted] 23 April 2011 03:52:25AM *  10 points [-]

Note that there's an Anti-Akrasia technique in here waiting to happen: If you can increase the delay of a rewarding but unproductive task that otherwise has no delay at all then you reduce your motivation to do it.

Internet browsing comes to mind. I think the XKCD author has done something to this effect (check out the comic's comment here: http://xkcd.com/862/). To quip, he wrote a script that made his computer freeze for thirty seconds every time he opened unwanted material.

Comment author: rhollerith_dot_com 23 April 2011 05:10:30AM *  13 points [-]

When Richard Stallman wants to view a web page, he sends the URL in an email to a server operated by him or one of his friends, and the server mails him back the page. He says that he does it that way "for personal reasons", and my guess is that it is an anti-akrasia measure.

Comment author: tristanhaze 08 February 2012 02:49:30PM 7 points [-]

The beginning of this comment, up to the comma, sounds so very like the beginning of one of those Chuck Norris format jokes. I was honestly surprised when it turned out not to be.

Comment author: FiftyTwo 11 January 2012 04:37:31AM 0 points [-]

This seems like a good manipulation of trivial inconveniences to dissuade oneself from a task.

Personally I've had some success with hiding shortcuts and only using distracting applications and websites on my phone rather than my laptop, as the inconvenient interface and lower speed makes it less pleasurable.