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156 Post author: lukeprog 05 February 2011 06:49PM

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Comment author: ShannonFriedman 03 January 2013 06:11:40PM 1 point [-]

These are awesome ideas and techniques, thanks for compiling them Luke! I personally work with a category of people who have a hard time implementing even these - they get into meta depression/hopelessness/angst and are unable to follow through on basic positive reinforcement like smiling after completing a task - it causes them to think about all of the other tasks they haven't done and they feel bad.

For people stuck in that category, I recommend Internal Family Systems counseling with a good facilitator and/or Landmark. The problem is usually some sort of deep rooted belief about not being good enough or the world sucking, which requires accessing parts of the mind that are different than the analytic parts that can deconstruct and measure things easily.

Sadly I don't have any studies for IFS yet, Swimmer963 is currently working a study about meta-depression. I've been taking data in the form of having several clients suffering from depression track their scores on moodscope.com, so maybe I'll be able to release some results from that at some point. There were also a few studies in progress that we learned about at Positive Vector early on, so I'll try following up on how those are going.