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45 Post author: lukeprog 01 February 2011 02:15PM

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Comment author: TheOtherDave 02 February 2011 11:09:35PM 1 point [-]

I don't really want to argue about whether talking about "right" adds value.

OK. The question I started out with, way at the top of the chain, was precisely about why having a referent for "right" was important, so I will drop that question and everything that descends from it.

As for your correction, I actually don't understand the distinction you're drawing, but in any case I agree with you that it might turn out that human volition lacks a coherent core of any significance.

Comment author: Wei_Dai 02 February 2011 11:29:20PM 2 points [-]

To me, "what we collectively want done" means somehow aggregating (for example, through voting or bargaining) our current preferences. It lacks the elements of extrapolation and coherence that are central to CEV.

Comment author: TheOtherDave 02 February 2011 11:40:30PM 0 points [-]

Gotcha... that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.

Comment author: Vladimir_Nesov 02 February 2011 11:33:50PM *  0 points [-]

What is the source of criteria such as voting or bargaining that you suggest? Why polling everyone and not polling every prime-indexed citizen instead? It's always your judgment about what is the right thing to do.