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45 Post author: lukeprog 01 February 2011 02:15PM

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Comment author: aletheilia 04 February 2011 11:52:52AM 0 points [-]

Perhaps he's refering to the part of CEV that says "extrapolated as we wish that extrapolated, interpreted as we wish that interpreted". Even logical coherence becomes in this way a focus of extrapolation dynamics, and if this criterion should be changed to something else - as judged by the whole of our extrapolated morality in a strange-loopy way - well, so be it. The dynamics should reflect on itself and consider the foundational assumptions it was built upon, including the compelingness of basic logic we are currently so certain about - and of course, if it really should reflect on itself in this way.

Anyway, I'd really like to hear what Vladimir has to say about this. Even though it's often quite hard for me to parse his writings, he does seem to clear things up for me or at least direct my attention towards some new, unexplored areas...