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174 Post author: AnnaSalamon 22 March 2009 07:34PM

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Comment author: steven0461 23 March 2009 12:55:03PM *  6 points [-]

For example, many of you write anonymously; what effects do you notice from doing so?

I've noticed that when I'm anonymous, I avoid expressing most of the opinions I'd avoid expressing when I'm not anonymous, but because they might be seen to reflect badly on my other beliefs rather than on me. I should probably try a throwaway account, but among other things I'd still worry about how it might reflect on the community of rationalists in general.

I haven't noticed consistency pressures as such ever affecting me much, but I should watch more closely and the list of suggested solutions looks great.

Or what thoughts do you have regarding Michael Vassar's suggestion to practice lying?

Out of the question. Lying is illegal where I live.

Comment author: thomblake 02 April 2009 02:43:18PM 1 point [-]

Where is lying illegal? That sounds so terribly illiberal that I'd like to avoid even visiting there, if possible.

Comment author: AllanCrossman 02 April 2009 02:51:02PM 11 points [-]

I think he was lying.