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174 Post author: AnnaSalamon 22 March 2009 07:34PM

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Comment author: Michelle_Z 18 July 2011 09:44:34PM 5 points [-]

2b. Positive hypocrisy. Speak and act like the person you wish you were, in hopes that you’ll come to be them. (Apparently this works.)

This does work. I found that when I noticed I was quiet and didn't talk to people often, that I didn't like being that way. I wanted to reach out. It took four years to break the habit, but now my friends know me to be a generally "out spoken and outgoing" person. In other words, I had an image of what I wanted to be (more outgoing) and thought of what would an outgoing person do (talk to the person sitting next to me in class, get involved in a club, etc) and tried to slowly integrate those things into my life. I think the main point though, is that a person has to honestly want that image of themselves to become an actuality, otherwise the efforts end up falling short.

This was a very interesting post. I'm glad I saw it- it explains behaviors I have exhibited, and the behaviors of friends etc... I will definitely try to be more aware of this.