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143 Post author: BrandonReinhart 02 May 2011 07:08AM

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Comment author: anonynamja 06 May 2011 02:16:59AM 1 point [-]

Yes, I'm happy to work on this and make a google form.

The questions would be very basic demographic stuff like age, gender, occupation, highest level of education attained, fields of study, country of residence...

The next step would be getting a high participation.

Comment author: wallowinmaya 06 May 2011 10:14:03AM *  1 point [-]

This would be great! Apparently 2 years ago Yvain also conducted a survey.

Comment author: anonynamja 06 May 2011 05:59:43PM 2 points [-]

Hmm. It might be useful to repeat Yvain's survey to see if there's been any change, while adding the edu/work stuff in.