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143 Post author: BrandonReinhart 02 May 2011 07:08AM

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Comment author: LukeStebbing 06 May 2011 05:38:03PM *  3 points [-]

I'm talking about publishing a technical design of Friendliness that's conserved under self-improving optimization without also publishing (in math and code) exactly what is meant by self-improving optimization. CEV is a good first step, but a programmatically reusable solution it is not.

On doing the impossible:

Before you the terrible blank wall stretches up and up and up, unimaginably far out of reach. And there is also the need to solve it, really solve it, not "try your best".

Comment author: jsalvatier 06 May 2011 05:44:50PM 2 points [-]

OK, I understand that much better now. Great point.