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92 Post author: Yvain 17 July 2011 08:43PM

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Comment author: cousin_it 17 January 2018 01:19:15PM *  2 points [-]

It seems like the trichotomy is complete: wanting/liking/approving is valuing something before/while/after it happens.

Comment author: pjeby 22 January 2018 09:46:37PM 1 point [-]

I think that using the word "valuing" adds back in confusion that this trichotomy is trying to remove. Wanting is the axis of urgency to act or not act, liking is the axis of feeling enjoyment or suffering, and approving is the axis of feeling morally elevated or disgusted. These are independent axes that can exist simultaneously regardless of time, and which are only made more vague by lumping them together as "valuing".

(Notably, one's experience can be placed simultaneously on all three axes: it is not necessary for these experiences to be separated in time. You can approve or disapprove beforehand and during, not just after. You can want while doing, as well as beforehand.)