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75 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 01 April 2009 09:51AM

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Comment author: John_Maxwell_IV 02 April 2009 03:38:38AM 0 points [-]

I'm wondering a little bit about all this beating-around-the-bush: I know what nameless org is a reference to, but it seems likely that some readers won't. You guys are talking about the forbidden topic (and Eliezer touches on it indirectly), so I'm not sure how the spirit of the ban is being fulfilled. Can we speak in plain terms now that April has arrived, or have I forgotten its expiration date?

Comment author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 02 April 2009 07:21:18AM 0 points [-]

It expires in May. See the About page.

Comment author: taryneast 05 January 2011 10:26:41PM *  2 points [-]

um, is it ok to ask what is this forbidden topic on a nameless org, now that the equally unexplained ban has been expired for seven months... ? :)

(the about page does not appear enlightening)...

Comment author: arundelo 05 January 2011 10:50:07PM *  2 points [-]


When Less Wrong starts up, it will, by my own request, impose a two-month moratorium on discussion of "Friendly AI" and other Singularity/intelligence explosion-related topics.

Edit: The "nameless org" of course is SIAI.

Comment author: taryneast 06 January 2011 09:41:36AM 1 point [-]

Thank you :)

I had guessed that SIAI was the likely answer... but had very little evidence beyond the fact that it's an org that is strongly correlated with EY :)