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24 Post author: Kaj_Sotala 04 August 2011 11:35AM

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Comment author: Gharveyn 09 January 2018 07:32:06AM 0 points [-]


Libet says that in ”the traditional view of conscious will”, conscious will would appear at the onset or before brain activity. But "before" is impossible. The module that's making the decision to move the wrist is a part of the brain, and it has to have some physical existence. There's just no way that the conscious decision could come before the brain activity.

What if the accepted intuition regarding the relationships of our minds and bodies is wrong? What if our minds act through our brains to control our bodies, but are really independent of any particular physical body?

If it is true that there are many alternate reality universes, then perhaps we have multiple iterations of instances of our specific, personal dna sequences; the physical organisms encoded by our dna sequences in different universes may be collectivized by groups of minds sharing similar senses of identity including similar physical traits distributed across a spectrum of alternate realities.

To our own ways of seeing things, we each have many bodies sharing many minds distributed across many universes. It appears (to ourselves) as if our minds resemble energetic fields 'attuned' to our specific physical organisms, but capable of read/write/command operations across a spectrum of other organisms, such that those organisms most resembling 'our own' organisms are the easiest for us to operate.

Then, as we see it, it may be possible to have the will to do something before we can locate a brain/body able to act in response to our will.