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41 Post author: Kaj_Sotala 10 August 2011 09:30AM

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Comment author: Strange7 11 August 2011 02:02:32AM 3 points [-]

No, for that they'd need a fixed amount of fumes.

Comment author: DSimon 11 August 2011 06:17:39PM 3 points [-]

But for a fixed amount of fumes, they need not a fixed amount of money but a fixed amount of bills. If their surplus is greater than expected, the experimenters can simply burn larger denominations.

Comment author: MartinB 18 November 2011 08:40:00AM 0 points [-]

Burning money in sufficent sums is privately paid deflation. If they hand out their money to subjects it gets back into the economic cycle. If they burn it it is gone.