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35 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 02 April 2009 04:21PM

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Comment author: MendelSchmiedekamp 02 April 2009 06:37:46PM 4 points [-]

There is a reason selective breeding in business tends to focus on behavior, rather than personnel, in the very least the turn around is much faster and your replacement population will be more strongly influences by the positive selection.

It seems a good lens to view various management trends and ideas, to see what effects they could be predicted to have on both the people-space and behavior-space populations.

On the other hand, games as selectors can serve a dual role, both as a calibrated test and as a means to learn, especially because of the potential influence of play on reinforcing the less conscious techniques used in rationality. Unfortunately, there is a risk of diminishing returns if the game is used too much for either purpose.