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20 Post author: lukeprog 26 November 2011 08:05AM

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Comment author: Nectanebo 27 November 2011 05:15:58PM 2 points [-]

I like this website, I think that something like this has been needed to some extent for a while now.

I definitely like the writing style, it is easier to read than a lot of the resources I've seen on the topic of the singularity.

The nature of the singularity to scare people away due to the religion-like, fanatisism inducing nature of the topic is lampshaded in the preface, and that is definitely a good thing to do to lessen this feeling for some readers. Being wary of the singularity myself, I definitely felt a little bit eased just by having it discussed, so that's a good thing to have in there. More to ease this suspiciousness and to make it easier for people skeptical of the singularity to read it without feeling super uncomfortable (and therefore less likely to feel weirded out enough to leave the site) would be great, although I can't say I know what would do this, except for perhaps lessening the personal nature of the preface but that is unlikely to happen considering the other positives that doing this has and the work that has already been put into it (dont invoke sunk costs though).

Also, who is the TARGET of this site? I mean, that's pretty relevant right? Who is Luke trying to communicate to here? I can say that I'm extremely interested by the site, as someone that recognises the potential importance of the singularity but is (a) not entirely convinced by it and (b) not sure what I should or could be doing about it even if I was to accept it enough to feel like I should do something about it. But, I don't know if that there are that many people in my position, and who else this could be relevant to. Who is this for?

In any case, I express my hope that this site is finished asap!