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20 Post author: lukeprog 26 November 2011 08:05AM

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Comment author: alexvermeer 27 December 2011 05:23:18PM *  0 points [-]

Re: Plenty of Room Above Us

It seems to end a little prematurely. Are there plans for a "closing thoughts" or "going forward" chapter or section? I'm left with "woah, that's a big deal... but now what? What can I do to face the singularity?"

If it merely isn't done yet (which I think you hint at here), then you can disregard this comment.

Otherwise, quite fantastic.

Comment author: lukeprog 30 December 2011 04:12:23AM 0 points [-]

Right; not done yet. But I should probably end each chapter with a foreshadowing of the next.