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20 Post author: lukeprog 26 November 2011 08:05AM

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Comment author: Zeb 30 December 2011 08:25:18PM 0 points [-]

[A separate issue from my previous comment] There are two reasons that I can give to rationalize my doubts about the probability of imminent Singularity. One is that if humans are only <100 years away from it, then in a universe as big and old as ours I would expect that a Singularity type intelligence would already have been developed somewhere else. In which case I would expect that either we would be able to detect it or we would be living inside it. Since we can't detect an alien Singularity, and because of the problem of evil we are probably not living inside a friendly AI, I doubt the pursuit of friendly AI is going to be very fruitful. The second reason is that while we will probably design computers that are superior to our general intellectual abilities, I judge it to be extremely unlikely that we will design robots that will be as physically versatile as 4 billions years of evolution has designed life to be.