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6 Post author: lukeprog 16 December 2011 05:51AM

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Comment author: grouchymusicologist 16 December 2011 04:24:19PM 0 points [-]

Yeah, I'm in agreement with you and others that it isn't the most compelling example he could have chosen.

As to the enharmonic seam thing, that is indeed the point: you either have to cross the enharmonic seam by spelling two identical-sounding intervals differently (in this case, one of the major seconds has to be spelled as a diminished third) or else you have to deny the seeming aural fact of octave equivalence by spelling the return of C as B-sharp. Since composers are extremely reluctant to do the latter, they have no choice but to do the former -- a commonplace in the nineteenth century, a bit of a special trick in the mid-eighteenth.