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61 Post author: Grognor 08 January 2012 07:01PM

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Comment author: CronoDAS 09 January 2012 12:16:29PM *  16 points [-]

Thank you for the transcript. I can read things a lot faster than most people say them, so I almost never listen to podcasts or watch, say, TED talks, because I get really frustrated with how slow they are.

Comment author: thomblake 10 January 2012 03:51:14PM 1 point [-]


Comment author: JoshuaFox 09 January 2012 01:07:50PM 1 point [-]

There are various tools for speeding up audio while leaving it listenable. The tool to use depends on your platform, but you can find quite a few options by Googling.

Comment author: shusse 06 February 2012 08:37:03PM 1 point [-]

I use VLC to listen to audio and watch videos at about 2x speed. VLC has keyboard shortcuts to change the speed and pitch gets adjusted automatically. Keypad + or - to change speed in increments of 0.5x and "[" or "]" keys for increments of 0.1x

Comment author: CronoDAS 10 January 2012 01:37:01AM 1 point [-]

You can't skim audio either. But, yes, that might help. (I just like text, I guess.)

Comment author: Kurros 23 November 2013 10:34:25PM 0 points [-]

In this case, Feynman is worth listening to slowly. There is something about the way he explains this that the transcript does not do justice to.