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25 Post author: Raemon 11 January 2012 01:52AM

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Comment author: shminux 12 January 2012 06:37:42PM *  1 point [-]

Lets spill some blood. Rationality is serious business, a matter of life and death. Blood, toil, tears and sweat. Our rituals should reflect on that fact. (And blood makes a ritual so much cooler)

Blood is overused, tears are pathetic, and sweat is gross. How about saliva?

P.S. (Yes, I realize that the Arminius's post was on a sarcastic side.)

Comment author: FiftyTwo 14 January 2012 03:33:19AM 2 points [-]

Orgies might help recruitment....


Comment author: [deleted] 14 January 2012 03:37:04AM 1 point [-]

....with the gender ratio on this site??? probably not.

Comment author: Anubhav 14 January 2012 08:44:42AM *  0 points [-]

It's been -OVER- ALMOST NINE MONTHS since -Light- Eliezer posted this; he's probably got a bunch of elite scientists working on it by now.

How he managed to do that is something I'd rather not think too hard about.

Edit: Ugh, this is no fun without strikethroughs.