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AGI-12 conference in Oxford in December

4 Post author: Stuart_Armstrong 31 July 2012 10:38AM

The AGI impacts conference in Oxford in December of this year will happen alongside the AGI-12 conference on Artificial General Intelligence. They also have a call for papers, to which some on this list may be interested in submitting:

AGI-12 Paper Submission Deadline EXTENDED to August 15

Some good news for tardy AGI authors!

As you may recall, the Fifth Conferences on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI-12) will be held Dec 8-11 at Oxford University in the UK.  The AGI conferences are the only major conference series dedicated to research on the creation of thinking machines with general intelligence at the human level and ultimately beyond.  The full AGI-12 Call for Papers may be found at:


Our proceedings publisher for AGI-12, Springer Lecture Notes in AI (LNAI), has informed us that their deadline for receiving the proceedings manuscript from is later than previously thought.  So, we have been able to extend the paper submission deadline once more, till August 15, allowing us to round up a few more excellent papers from tardy authors.

We look forward to seeing you at Oxford in December!

Comments (3)

Comment author: Laoch 04 August 2012 05:31:11PM 1 point [-]

Are tickets for the general public going to be available?

Comment author: Utopiah 07 August 2012 06:50:35AM 1 point [-]

AFAIK once the registration is open (15th of August) anybody can purchase a ticket.

Comment author: Laoch 07 August 2012 10:58:44AM 1 point [-]

Cool, looking forward to being there.