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Issue 301 shipped: Show parent comments on /comments

25 Post author: matt 03 August 2012 06:14AM

See http://code.google.com/p/lesswrong/issues/detail?id=301 for detail.

Go to your Preferences page and " /comments" to take advantage of this feature.

(Work done by John Simon, integrated by User:wmoore.)

Comments (4)

Comment author: Risto_Saarelma 06 August 2012 01:56:09PM *  1 point [-]

This would probably be a bit complex, but it would be neat if chains of two or more replies (B replies to A, C replies to B) that are all (B and C) recent enough show up on /comments would get grouped into a single chain of three comments (A (B (C))) instead of first getting (B (C)) and then lower down getting (A (B ("click to show more"))).

Comment author: Risto_Saarelma 05 August 2012 01:46:51PM 1 point [-]

This comment, currently at 0 karma, is currently hidden for me on the /comments listing behind a "load more comments (1 reply)" link under the parent comment from Stephen_Barnes.

Comment author: thomblake 03 August 2012 04:08:37PM 1 point [-]

Nice... works great for me.

Comment author: Risto_Saarelma 05 August 2012 09:34:52AM *  0 points [-]

When the same parent shows up multiple times on the comments page and I click the thumbs-up icon on a parent that isn't the topmost one on the page, the thumbs-up only goes green and the comment score goes up only on the topmost parent on the page and the one I clicked remains unchanged.

Also, this is useful and I like it, thanks.