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41 Post author: ShannonFriedman 16 August 2012 08:02PM

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Comment author: Kindly 19 August 2012 08:52:21PM 3 points [-]

Congratulations; you've motivated me to decide I'll use some sort of SRS to remember the names of my students, the next time I have to TA a class (most likely in January).

I'll find something to use one way or the other, but if you manage to provide a working alternative by that time, I promise to use it.

Comment author: Vaniver 19 August 2012 11:28:38PM 8 points [-]

I used SRS to remember my student's names. They thought I had superpowers.

(I didn't have the TA facebook until after the first session, and so I introduced myself and shook the hand of every student, and then got the facebook and memorized the names with SRS before the second session. It might be similarly impressive to know their names before the first session without them telling you, but that runs the risk of seeming creepy.)

Comment author: gwern 19 August 2012 11:39:51PM 2 points [-]

I always thought that memorizing faces and personal details would be a good use of SRS, but I never really had any opportunity where it was worthwhile. Glad to hear it works!

Comment author: orthonormal 09 September 2012 04:16:28AM 4 points [-]

The July minicampers made an Anki deck for learning faces/names/bios before camp. We didn't get quite enough time to train properly, but it was still a massive help compared to learning 30 names in real time.