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24 [deleted] 18 August 2012 03:17PM

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Comment author: hankx7787 18 August 2012 03:55:55PM *  14 points [-]

A few of my favorite posts in this thread:

And Death is not something I will ever embrace.
It is only a childish thing, that the human species has not yet outgrown.
And someday...
We'll get over it...
And people won't have to say goodbye any more...


And someday when the descendants of humanity have spread from star to star, they won't tell the children about the history of Ancient Earth until they're old enough to bear it; and when they learn they'll weep to hear that such a thing as Death had ever once existed!


Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light!


Comment author: dbaupp 18 August 2012 06:31:37PM *  12 points [-]


Fuck you. I like being alive.


(For context, the first two quotes you have there are from HPMoR.)

Comment author: hankx7787 19 August 2012 05:52:20PM *  5 points [-]
Comment author: hankx7787 20 August 2012 03:21:37AM *  0 points [-]

And to whoever just came through and down-voted every single comment of mine in this thread... really? Why?

EDIT: Wow, someone just did it again.