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24 [deleted] 18 August 2012 03:17PM

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Comment author: Jonathan_Graehl 19 August 2012 01:39:08AM *  12 points [-]
  1. If the story is true, she's at least exceptional in knowing how to ask and what to ask for. I expect her to be top-10% by my ranking.

  2. It's not disgusting that she's begging for a chance at life. I'd do the same, even knowing that I was effectively asking people to spend less on Kenyans. Perhaps you mean it's disgusting that her asking might work?

  3. Imputing racism is overdone. Even if you want to slap some sense into people, please don't go there (yes, you said "even if", but you also chose Kenya).

  4. "bitch". I don't care, but you already sufficiently signaled that you care very much that others don't agree with you.