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24 [deleted] 18 August 2012 03:17PM

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Comment author: JGWeissman 19 August 2012 08:17:17PM *  6 points [-]


I plan to donate when CI manages a fund. I appreciate your understanding that I want to be careful. (And set up the right incentives for future cases. I'm pretty confident you are legit.) (ETA: There is now a fund set up by the Society for Venturism, and I have made my donation through them.)

You had mentioned on your Reddit post that your boyfriend is supportive of your decision to pursue cryonics. Is he interested in cryonics for himself? Cryonics is much more affordable when you set things up when you are young and healthy, he may be able to do it on his own. I have been figuring out ways to get interested people to actually do this (and it turns it to be really easy), and I'm sorry I didn't figure this out and meet you earlier, when you were thinking about cryonics but not yet diagnosed. You actually inspired me to post about that now instead of waiting to see how many people I got to start made it through the whole process.