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24 [deleted] 18 August 2012 03:17PM

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Comment author: V_V 21 August 2012 09:22:59AM 0 points [-]

We can keep track of records automatically with computers, and 24-hour surveillance of the organization's physical properties (including patients) is possible.

Organizations typically don't fail because their site has been raided by marauders, they fail because of financial or legal problems, or because those who run them lose interests (or retire, or die and nobody replaces them).

Furthermore, if extreme longevity happens in the relatively near term (perhaps mere decades after one's cryopreservation) this raises the possibility that the stewards of the organization will be very experienced and risk-conscious human beings.

Watching over human popsicles (for decades, centuries, millennia?), without any new subscription and without any need for someone to do the same for them in the future. They are going to need a pretty strong motivation.