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7 Post author: hackerkiba 29 August 2012 06:14PM

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Comment author: Pablo_Stafforini 31 August 2012 02:59:22AM 0 points [-]

Open the form from your browser and bookmark it. Then long-press on the home screen, click 'shortcuts', 'bookmark', then select the bookmark you just created. To make the form open even faster, install the Google Drive Android app and set it to open forms by default. Next time you click on the bookmark, it will open on Google Drive.

Tagtime doesn't sample at regular time intervals; instead, it uses a Poisson process. I don't know the value of the relevant parameters, but judging from past experience, the expected length of the sampling interval is around one hour, which seems to strike a good balance between convenience and accuracy.

Comment author: Metus 31 August 2012 05:53:48AM 0 points [-]

So I have set up a form and a link on my home screen. How do you deal with when you sleep or otherwise miss several pings? Is there a convenient method of reading the ping times?

I was aware of it being a poisson process, I wanted to know the expectation value of the time between two pings, which you named as about 1h. Thank you.

Comment author: Pablo_Stafforini 31 August 2012 04:10:14PM 0 points [-]

You are welcome. I deal with missed pings by completing a separate form for each ping and doing my best to rate my state at the time of pinging. Reconstructing past episodes in this manner has been shown to significantly reduce recall bias.

I ignore pings during sleep, since my goal is to assess how I feel and perform while I'm awake.

Comment author: Metus 31 August 2012 06:17:08PM *  0 points [-]

Having now run the program almost two days I have a new question: How do you analyze the data? Do you do it in Drive or do you have your own little script to do that ready with confidence intervals?

I love self quantification!

Comment author: Pablo_Stafforini 31 August 2012 07:22:27PM 0 points [-]

I just do it in Drive or Excel, though I agree that a script might be helpful.