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77 Post author: Eliezer_Yudkowsky 02 October 2012 06:16PM

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Comment author: Alex_Altair 03 October 2012 04:03:26AM 21 points [-]

She’d underlined true and truth wherever it appeared in the essay, probably about twenty times, with a question mark beside each. She wanted to know what I meant by truth.

She should hand back the paper with the note, "What do you mean by 'mean'?"

Comment author: danceapocalypse 17 November 2012 07:30:16AM 0 points [-]

If someday the vast majority of people decided that what is known as "blue" should be renamed "snarffle" then eventually it would cease to be blue. Instead it would be snarffle because that is the belief. But that doesn't change the reality that it is the wavelength 475 nm. Human beliefs determine how we interpret information, not reality.