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58 [deleted] 25 November 2012 11:33PM

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Comment author: MugaSofer 27 November 2012 01:43:48AM 4 points [-]

Oh, I know there are people who would probably deliberately catcall just to annoy - I just assumed it was related to the idea that men enjoy humiliating and denigrating women just ... because we're men. It's surprisingly common once you start noticing it, and almost never challenged, so I make a point of speaking up about these things whenever possible. "Men's Rights" may attract misogynists, but that doesn't mean we should ignore stereotypes of men (not saying you're saying we should - it's just a common assumption and a pet peeve of mine.)

As for the catcalling thing ... I think everyone gets random people saying, basically, "hi". It can be weird when you don't know them, but I think it's distinct from catcalling - which seems to vary geographically, judging by other comments here.

Comment author: [deleted] 27 November 2012 03:02:17AM *  2 points [-]

When people I don't recognize greet me, I assume that either they mistook me for somebody else, or I met them but I don't remember them. (The fact that I'm not very good at recognizing faces of people I haven't spent a nontrivial amount of time with does not help.) I usually just greet them back and walk on, or ask "have I met you before?" if I'm not in a hurry and they look interesting.

Comment author: MugaSofer 27 November 2012 03:09:27AM 3 points [-]

I get it all the time, and have all my life. I always put it down to people I don't know but who recognize me; I'm fairly recognizable and tend to end up doing high-profile things (speeches etc.)